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La Cible


La Cible

Artist: Prune Nourry
Type: Lithograph
Year: 2021
Edition: 50
Size: 50.5 x 100 cm (19,9” x 39,4”)

15-color lithograph on BFK Rives paper 270g

Printed by Idem Paris
Signed and numbered by the artist (lead pencil + dry stamp). Unframed.

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More information about the artwork

Project description: L'Amazone Érogène

The project L’Amazone Érogène is named after a monumental installation created by Prune Nourry in January 2021 and displayed under the central skylights of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, in Paris. The piece staged a swarm of arrows pointing towards a breast-shaped target, as well as a gigantic evocative bow. Playing with the typical symbols of the mythological figure of the Amazon, a female warrior, Prune Nourry offered a striking metaphor of breast cancer. From death, life may arise: the work of art also materialized the potentiality of procreation. The artist is a breast cancer survivor.

Outside in the windows, Prune presented a sequence of displays inspired by the geometrical works of American minimalist artists, playing with perspective and the accumulation of the exhibition's primary object: the arrow.  

“Une pluie de flèches 


S’abat sur ta poitrine 

De guerrière désarmée 

Cœur de cible

En ton sein touché

Si jeune sidérée


D’où vient la fleche

Qui est l’archer ? 


Pluie de flèches

Bataille enragée

Tant et tant de poitrines

Tour à tour transpercées

Ne vous laissez pas mourir

Laissez-nous vous aimer

Tant de cordes à votre arc

Chasseresses à sein unique

Amazones héroïques

À mes yeux

Vous n’avez pas changé."

Extract of original song Amazone Érogène written by Prune Nourry, Daniel Pennac, composed by -M- feat. Ibeyi.