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Contemporary Archeology


Contemporary Archeology

Artist: Prune Nourry
Type: Lithograph
Year: 2016
Edition: 108
Size: 72 x 100,5 cm (28,3" x 39,5")

Color scheme: 5 Ink Colors
Paper: BFK Rives - 270g (0,59 lb)
Production: Idem fine-art printing studio, Paris, France
Each lithograph is signed and numbered by the artist (lead pencil + stamp). Unframed.

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Project description: Terracotta Daughters

With her Terracotta Daughters installation, French New York-based artist Prune Nourry reflects upon the traditional preference for sons in China. Taking inspiration from the famous terracotta warriors discovered in Xi’an, Nourry worked with Chinese craftsmen to manufacture her own army — 108 unique, life-size Terracotta Daughters modeled on eight young girls from the Chinese countryside (Haoping, Pan, Huiyun, Yindi, Yue, Ruixia, Lizhou and Jianwei).

Description of the artwork:

After touring the World, the Terracotta Daughters army returned to its birth country China to be buried in a mysterious location known as a “contemporary archeological site.”
The statues were buried in October 2015, during a celebration known as the “Earth Ceremony.” Few witnesses were present, and those who watched the burial were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to help preserve the secret of the statues' whereabouts.
In 2030 — a year that will mark the peak of Asia's gender imbalance — the Army will be excavated.
This lithograph is an imprint of the memory of this unique celebration. The original picture was re-projected onto earth as part of the “sculpted images” series.