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Mini Sein-Pis – Ceramics


Mini Sein-Pis

Artist: Prune Nourry
Type: Ceramics
Year: 2012
Edition: 150
Size: 7 x 7,50 cm (2,75 in x 2,9 in)

Weight: 245g (0, 54 lb)
Material: Ceramics
Production: Carriero Carmelo’s workshop, Grottaglie, Italy

Each sculpture is numbered and certified, and packed within a protective plastic bubble.

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More information about the artwork

Project description:

Part-cow, part-girl, Nourry’s Holy Daughters sculptures highlight the dichotomy between the status of women in India and the Hindu reverence for cattle, which stand as a holy symbol of fertility.

Description of the artworks:

Created by Italian artisans, this mini-version of the Holy Daughters sculpture is a replica of the original, depicting a hybrid creature with a woman’s breasts and a holy cow’s udder.